Wednesday, 24 July 2013

St Moriz Fake Tan Mousse

I will admit it to you all now, I don't general wear fake tan very often. I am happy with my skin tone and when the sun comes out I am blessed with a nice tanned glow. However, when the sun doesn't come out for a while I get a sickly pallor which would make even the Cullen's feel queasy. So when the time comes, I reach for St Moriz.

I haven't used this product in a while, the last bottle I purchased myself was from TJ Hughes for £1.99 and since the closure in Plymouth I thought I was doomed. But hooray for Bargain stores, its now on sale for £2.99 at Savers for 200ml.

Heres how it looks:

If you wear fake tan, certainly reach for this product, seriously. I get the best results when I ex foliate and moisturise the day before, but its up to you... Its a mousse texture that you just rub on to your skin, you don't have to worry about being too even with it as long as its all over and there are no marks. Go to bed, or wait at least 8 hours, then jump in the shower. While in the shower you will notice any of the nastiness coming off and leaving a lovely sun kissed glow. I only like a little sun kissed glow so one application is fine for me and last a good week or so, great for those nights out. I find it doesn't leave you looking like a baked bean, orange, or any other variant of Katie Price skin tone you can think of.

In all, its a great product just be careful once its open to leave the product upright or you may end up with a nasty leak on your carpet ;)