Monday, 22 July 2013

Model Co Lip Gloss

I received this lip gloss for free and I am not usual a "Lip Gloss" wearer. I find them too sticky and I hate to reapply make-up throughout the day. I am a "Apply and Go" sort of girl and since I had my son I don't wear make-up very often any more...

That said, here is my review of Model Co. Lip Gloss.

The product packaging is great, I love the handiness of the pot. Its perfect for handbag/pocket and not only that it comes with a mirror attached to the side!

Here's how it looks:
The colour I have is a sort of peachy natural colour which suits me fine as I usually do heavy eye make-up with natural lips and cheeks.

The gloss itself smells pleasant and has that sort of normal lip gloss taste, I wouldn't say it was unpleasant but then again I'm not fussy!

The part I really liked about the gloss was that it has an almost matte feel to it once applied so it doesn't leave that horrible sticky lip gloss overload. I will use this product on my next night out when James is 18 (eye roll) and will definitely be buying this product when it runs, if it gets chance ;)