Monday, 22 July 2013

Live XXL Max Blonde

OK so I decided to go from reddish brown to bright blonde a few months ago and here is my journey from start to (disappointing) finish!

First off I did lots of research through Google and also calling my regular hairdresser for help and advice. She suggested using a bleach based product with "lightening and lifting" power. So off I went to Boots and bought 4 boxes of live xxl max blonde. The reason I bought 4 boxes was because I knew it would take at least 2 boxes per lightening session, if you have short hair you should get away with just 2 boxes!

So the journey began... 2 boxes of max blonde on the top and my hair, all over, for 45 minutes.... I eagerly awaited the results... PEACH! My hair was a bright peach colour from about half way down to tips, with my roots being bright blonde. Bugger! 

The following day we put another 2 boxes on top avoiding roots, this went all over blonde but then turned a more of a caramac colour. 

I was starting to go into despair, my hair was not even, bleached twice, and I was terrified. I then called back my hair dresser who said to go for an ash colour over the top of the two bleaches as this would even out the slightly orange tint. So off I went, bought an ash blonde, and it went ash blonde! I was still unhappy with the colour as after about 2 days it seemed it was still developing and finally settled on a very strange colour. I then chucked a champagne blonde over the top, and I was happy...!

For one day... I then chucked a black over it...

But all in all, my hair is still in fantastic condition after 2 bleaches and 3 dyes in little under a week.

Lesson learned: Don't go blonde at home, go to the hairdresser! It cost me in total £40. I should have just forked out to the hair dresser ;)