Thursday, 8 January 2015

Water Only Hair

Hello dear readers,

I have made the decision to start a Water Only journey after my success over the last 6 months going No Poo which you can read about here. I love my no poo hair and the ease it has brought me, I only have to wash my hair every 10 days with Baking Soda and Apple Cider Vinegar, but I'm after something even easier!

So it's been 15 days since my last wash (bs and acv) and I have water rinsed my hair twice since then. The good news with WO is that you can do it as often as you like, everyday if you want! I'm aiming for eventually once a week.

Here is how it looks today:

It's so big and bouncy, my hair has never been this big and bouncy in all my life. It feels slightly oily which is to be expected for a while, but I like it!

I will keep updating throughout this journey and let you all know how it's getting on!

Are you a no pooer? Water only? Thinking about it? I would love to hear from you in the comments.

Sunday, 4 January 2015

Am I still shampoo free 6 months on?

As I haven't done an update on my no poo lifelife change I bet some of you are eagerly wondering whether I'm still a dirty haired hippy? The answer on two parts...  Yes I am still no poo, but no my hair isn't dirty!

In my journey I have used Soapnuts read about the results here, I have used rye flour, read how that went here but foremost in my journey, and still currently I have used the tried and tested method of baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

My first few months of no poo were pretty much typical of anyone transitioning into a no poo lifestyle. My hair attacked me with grease and waxy buildup, there was no more good hair days. Then suddenly, everything just changed. At around the 8 week mark my hair started looking and feeling great!

Where am I at today? Well today I haven't washed my hair for 11 days and that last wash was BS and ACV. I no longer need to do anything else with it between washes other than brush it. My typical week looks like this numbered in days:

  1. Wash hair, wear down blow dried and straightened. 
  2. Wear down doing nothing to it 
  3. Wear down with front braided or pulled back. 
  4. Some up some down hairstyle 
  5. Top knot 
  6. Top knot
  7. Top knot 
  8. Water only rinse if needed, braid hair overnight 
  9. Wear down and curly from braid 
  10. Usually wash again. 
Thats about it. I promise I will upload photos later with proof that my hair isn't gross anymore but I need to run! 

Let me know your experience in the comments beautiful ladies. 

Saturday, 3 January 2015

Menstrual Cups Revisited!

Hello lovely readers,

I feel like I have been neglectful of both this blog and you guys so I thought I would do another visit to the world of the menstrual cup. I have now been using menstrual cups for 5 months so feel I can now comfortably discuss the pros and cons of their usage, and help anyone trying to make the leap.
I reviewed the Divacup here when I first started to use it, and alot has changed! I also discussed the Femmecup here previously. After going through 5 cycles with these ladies, I now feel like I can give a really honest opinion on them.
So here goes! The Femmecup was, and still is, my favourite cup.The softer medical grade silicone is so comfortable I can just put it in and quite literally forget I have it in for the whole day, until it starts to leak. This is where the love ends, it is quite a small capacity cup at around 15ml so I fill it up in just a few hours on my heaviest day. It is my favourite cup, but only on my lightest days, and I cannot wear it at night.
The Divacup however is on the other end of the spectrum. It is much harder cup, its made from the same medical grade silicone but it is thicker, and a firmer rim. At first I found it very uncomfortable and hard to get in the right place. I found the firmer ring harder to get to "pop" open once in place and just had a terrible few cycles trying to get it right. Until yesterday. Yesterday it all changed with a Eureka! moment. It suddenly just seems to "work". I got it in, kept it in while I was out for 4 hours, and then returned home to a half full cup. Emptied it, and back in it went, no problem. I even slept with it in, which is a first for me in the 4 months since I have had it. The Divacup is a larger capacity, and a longer cup which is why many women have trouble with it fitting in the right place as throughout the cycle your cervix will move up and down.

As far as the cons go to menstrual cup usage ladies, I can honestly say I don't think there are any. I find it cleaner and fresher. You know that uncomfortable feeling in the morning when you wake up with that "wet" feeling on your period? You don't get that. You know that funky smell you get with pads? You don't get that. You know the wet urine soaked string that you have with tampons, you guessed it. You don't get that either. What you do get is a small cup which needs to be emptied into a toilet or sink and rinsed then put back in. Sounds too good to be true doesn't it.

If you are shorter inside I would not recommend the Divacup at all, but if you are a lady with a heavier period it is definitely the one, of the two I have, that I would recommend. If capacity is not an issue then for comfort I would definitely go with the Femmecup.

So there we have it ladies, if you are still unsure about menstrual cups I would definitely make that leap, I did and I am not looking back. Head over to the Facebook group Menstrual Cuppers for advice as they are a great bunch of ladies. Also, if you would like to read more about cups there is a great blog over at Bunnie's Choice which discusses them further with pictures of fold methods etc.

So what do you think ladies? Do you use Cups? Have you? Will you? Let me know in the comments :)