Sunday, 4 January 2015

Am I still shampoo free 6 months on?

As I haven't done an update on my no poo lifelife change I bet some of you are eagerly wondering whether I'm still a dirty haired hippy? The answer on two parts...  Yes I am still no poo, but no my hair isn't dirty!

In my journey I have used Soapnuts read about the results here, I have used rye flour, read how that went here but foremost in my journey, and still currently I have used the tried and tested method of baking soda and apple cider vinegar.

My first few months of no poo were pretty much typical of anyone transitioning into a no poo lifestyle. My hair attacked me with grease and waxy buildup, there was no more good hair days. Then suddenly, everything just changed. At around the 8 week mark my hair started looking and feeling great!

Where am I at today? Well today I haven't washed my hair for 11 days and that last wash was BS and ACV. I no longer need to do anything else with it between washes other than brush it. My typical week looks like this numbered in days:

  1. Wash hair, wear down blow dried and straightened. 
  2. Wear down doing nothing to it 
  3. Wear down with front braided or pulled back. 
  4. Some up some down hairstyle 
  5. Top knot 
  6. Top knot
  7. Top knot 
  8. Water only rinse if needed, braid hair overnight 
  9. Wear down and curly from braid 
  10. Usually wash again. 
Thats about it. I promise I will upload photos later with proof that my hair isn't gross anymore but I need to run! 

Let me know your experience in the comments beautiful ladies.