Monday, 22 July 2013

Simple Hydrating Facial Moisturiser

I will admit it to you all now, my deep dark secret, my skeletons in the closet... I do not moisturise! I am a typical woman, I get enticed by the advert of the woman running on the beach complaining about dry skin who then raves and smiles about a new brand of expensive moisturiser so off I trot to buy it. I typically use it the week I buy it religiously, then forget all about it. 

Here is how it looks: 

So when I receive a free bottle of this Hydrating Moisturiser I got excited to use it, I have seen all the adverts about the natural, kind to skin formula which makes Simple unique.

I used it for about a week, and honestly do use it on and off still now. I found this product to be great. The moisturiser itself is very light, non sticky, no greasy. When you apply it and rub it in, you honestly forget in minutes that you have put it on, unlike other brands I have found where your hair sticks to your face in the wind! It has no smell, and it feels like it is actually doing your skin good. It feels gentle and moisturising all at the same time. Its RRP is £3.79 for 125ml and I will definately be buying this product when mine runs out, if it ever does ;)