Monday, 22 July 2013

Primark Butterfly Fashion Nails

One of my best finds yet! Whilst browsing through Primark for the latest accessory haul with the Mother we stumbled upon some glue on nails. As somebody who is an avid nail biter and has tried everything in the book to stop, I really liked the look of these nails. Its worth to note that I actually used to get acrylic nails applied every few weeks or so, so I am not an amateur nail shopper!

These nails looked very pretty, simple black packaging but gorgeous French tips with little butterflies printed on and some strategically placed black lines and glitter. The best thing of all, and what made me slightly sceptical... £1 for a pack that may last for two applications depending on nail size. I have very petite nails and so for me this was just suitable for one application, but still, £1!

Now for the price, I would have been more than happy with them if I had applied them and they lasted just for one night out, but these lasted 6 days until I bit them all off (oops!) but I can honestly say when I removed them they were all on tightly still apart from the baby nail and may have possibly lasted another week or so. But please don't quote me on it!

This is the finished look: 

All in all I am extremely happy with these nails, the price, the look and the lasting power. Well done Primark these are fantastic and we have already stocked up on 3 more boxes of various styles!