Tuesday, 23 July 2013

BalanceMe Extra Care Wonder Eye Cream

As my readers (if there are any of you?!) will know by now that I do suffer with the appearance of my eyes, I'm 23 but I have tired looking eyes with black bags and discolouration that I have suffered with since I was a child. When I received this item from Glossy Box I was quite excited as I have heard about this cream before and its given 5 stars on the site. 

Its a very hefty priced product for us little people, at around £20 for 15ml (what?!) and I certainly wouldn't pay that price even for a "Miracle Eye Cream." 

Here is how it looks: 

Perhaps I was slightly cheeky straight off saying I wouldn't spend the money on it, as it really is a good product. It smells very pleasant for an eye cream, its made from 99% natural ingredients, and it feels lovely on the skin. Within seconds of applying the cream I felt a nice tightening affect around where the black bags generally live, and I could see a slight noticeable difference where my eyes looked a bit brighter straight away. I seemed to be the only person who noticed this however, so it might be mind over matter...

All in all a great product, the smell lingers for a while after which I loved, and the tight feeling lasted about 15 minutes. I like the product, but I wouldn't buy it simply because of the price. ;)