Tuesday, 23 July 2013


Eeeeek I'm so happy I received this product from Birch Box to trial and review. I have heard so many rave reviews about this product and as I have used stains before (although never a powder) I was very obliged to give it a go. I like to wear heavy eye make-up, just a little kissed blush, and nude glossy lips so the small size of 0.018oz suits me fine as I know it will last a while.
Heres how the sample looks:

The packaging is adorable, with a magazine type front cover then opens like a book onto a small sample of the powder. I had no problem applying it with a standard blusher brush. I found it best to use a brush as once its on your face you need to blend it very quickly. Dont forget that it is a stain, not a normal powder. 

Although it is a slightly different product than those on the market, I didn't really find any benefit in using it rather than a standard blusher, other than its long lasting ability. I use a primer under my make-up which makes it long lasting anyway... 

The full size is 25.5g and retails for around £12. I wouldn't pay this for a blush/stain no matter how good it was...

All in all, good product, too expensive. ;)