Monday, 22 July 2013

Nivea Protect and Refresh SPF 50

In the middle of the Great British heat wave of 2013 I found myself desperate for some relief from the heat. I saw an advert for Nivea Protect and Refresh, so off I trotted, bank card in hand, shut up and take my money! I luckily found it in boots on offer for £6 (RRP £16!) for 200ml SPF 50.

I eagerly sprayed the product on my shoulders, arms and chest and waited for the "refresh" to kick in. Nothing. I have to say, for a "cooling" sun block which is supposed to refresh and cool you down, I am disappointed.

The product has a strange aerosol smell to it which makes me reluctant to spray indoors, plus, it has a greasy finish which does not go away until you rub it in. In my eyes this takes the point away from using a "spray on" sun cream.

After just 2 days of use the bottle is nearly empty!

Not least to say, I got burnt! I reapplied the product 4 times on the beach, before and after going in the sea, and I have weird sunburnt patterns all over the areas the sun block was supposed to protect me!

I will not be using this product again, and I implore you to not spend your precious cash on this waste of time and money.

Back to using boots own brand it is for me...

P.S. DO NOT SPRAY WHEN WINDY. Eye accidents may occur... ;)