Tuesday, 30 July 2013

Primark Black Silver and Pink Nails

Another nail review from Primark...

These little babies cost just £1 from Primark! After the last set of perfect nails which I also reviewed I decided to give these a pop. These are slightly shorter which is a bit more comfortable for me, means I can type and use my phone as normal, not to mention change my sons nappy without scratching or eye loss on his part...

Here is how they look:

Upon close inspection I have noticed a few imperfections, which I am guessing is why they are £1 but it really is on close inspection and I doubt anyone else would notice; such as a smudge on one of the black lines but I challenge you to find which one on the picture!

All in all I think they are great value nails, I'm not sure how long they will last as just had them done so will update this post when they come off, but I suspect a while as they are on nice and tight and the previous pair were fab.

Another great Primark product, rush out and bulk buy!

UPDATE: They lasted 8 days! 8 days for a pound, WOW!