Tuesday, 23 July 2013

Derma V10 Re-energising Caffeine Roll On

A product I seriously need! I have suffered with black bags and a slight discolouration around my eyes since I was a child, it always makes me looks tired even when I have gotten 10 hours (which isn't very often any-more!)

I have tried other products very similar to this, mainly the Garnier Roll On (forgive me as I cant remember the exact name) and I have to say there isn't much difference. It comes in 15ml size and believe it or not, we got it for £1 at the Pound Shop!

Here is how the product looks: 

I am always slightly sceptical when it comes to products from discount and bargain stores and so I wasn't expecting alot for the money. My favourite part of the product is the metallic tip which really does refresh tired eyes as its cooling, especially before that first cup of coffee! The main difference between the two products I have tried is that the Garnier version leaves my eyes feeling slightly sticky and dewy where this product dries nicely and doesn't leave any kind of residue behind. As far as getting rid of the black bags under my eyes, that's a lifelong battle that I don't think will be resolved any time soon., but its a nice refreshing product for the price.

I will definitely continue using this product as it makes my eyes feel that little bit less tired and refreshed. ;)