Tuesday, 23 July 2013

John Frieda Frizz - Ease Original Hair Serum

I received this product to try and review and I have to say, this was a bit of a blast from the past for me. I used to have my hair permed when I was at school, and used to use this serum when I couldn't be bothered to moose and scrunch (terrible I know.) Back then I used it religiously and I have to say it was one of my desert island items, when my hair was permed if I wanted to wear my hair straight even a little bit of moisture would make me look like a cave girl, this helped.

So back to the now. The size is 50ml and it retails at around £6.29. This might seem like alot of money but I have found in boots they normally do a 3 for 2, so you can buy the shampoo and conditioner as well as the serum for about a tenner which isn't too bad.

This is how it looks: 

It is a fairly small product for the price, but believe me a little goes a long way. Just put a pea sized amount in your hand, rub your hands together and run through hair avoiding roots. If you put it on your roots it does tend to weigh it down and make it feel a little greasy. 

Its nice and silky and pretty much does what its supposed to, it stops my hair from going frizzy when I cant be bothered to do my hair after the shower, which seems very often now little man is 8 months old!

To sum it up, I love the product and would definitely buy it regularly if I needed to! ;)