Saturday, 19 July 2014

Sibel Boar Bristle Brush

As promised, I bought a boar bristle brush to help me along with my hair journey (and eventual transition into WO.) SO, it arrived today and I couldn't resist, being that my hair is now on day 3, to see if it really does help distribute sebum through to the hair and off the scalp.

Now it's important to remember that these brushes are soft and are not intended to detangle hair, they are purely there to give hair a sleek, shiny appearance and to help sebum distribution. It is equally important that you wash your BBB frequently, ideally after each use.

So, after detangling my hair with my tangle teezer it was on to the BBB. I won't lie to you, I really didn't like it. It was difficult at first to get through my hair and into the scalp and my hair really isn't that thick. After a few brushes I found a knack to it. You must pick your hair up in sections and brush through, the brush goes through lovely and really feels nice on scalp. It did a wonderful job of smoothing out my frizzy ends and my hair generally felt softer after.

So the result: it made my hair softer, sleaker, far easier to put up in a bun without the use of products to stop fly aways, and actually did distribute sebum down the shaft. Normally when hair is greasy it sort of sticks to the scalp at the top then loosens up down hair, this made my hair sleek all the way down to about my ears and then relax. I feel after a few days of brushing like this, my hair will be less oily and definitely sleaker and softer.

Try one out for yourself I purchased mine from Amazon for about £7

The picture added is after brushing with the BBB unfortunately you can see a little flakiness which is the dreaded transitional period mentioned in previous posts. Happy no washing!

Do you have an oily hair story to tell? Let me know in the comments!