Tuesday, 29 July 2014


First of all I would like to apologise to any family/friends/men or squeamish people reading this... This is your warning. Leave now if you do not want to read about my use of a menstrual product that collects bloods/fluids from my body...

All gone? Good. Lets continue...

These products are becoming increasingly popular with people who are sick of filling up landfills with tampons and pads full of their own fluids every single months and also people like me who hate using pads but have no choice because I find tampons so damn uncomfortable that my body just general rejects them...

I do alot of researching different products and reading reviews of products before purchasing and this product crept up a few times, I have been pretty intrigued by the prospect of something that can stay in your body for 12 hours at a time thus eliminating the need to change in a public restroom or leaking through onto your clothing.

Here is what it looks like, the femmecup. It retails as one of the cheapest reusable cups available at around £13 and will last for up to 10 years! Think of the money saved in those years by not having to buy disposable products!

Ok so here are my pro's:

Reusable (think of the environment, man)
Putting it in and forgetting about it for a minimum of 6 hours and maximum of 12 hours 
Can be used overnight
Has little measuring lines so you really get to know how much blood you lose a month
Are known to shorten cycles because the blood is less likely to clot inside your body
No odor as blood only smells once oxygenated

The stem is shorter than most so makes it very difficult to grab and reach easily
You really do get to come to... ahem... know your body... and your cycle

I feel like I should put a small disclaimer here, the first time I used the product it felt fine, could hardly feel it in there. It sits much lower than a tampon so it is easier to insert and know its in the right place. However, and this is a big however, the first few times it is very challenging to get out. I'm talking one leg up on the bath with the other bent, bearing down and having flash backs of labouring my child before hearing an audible pop followed by giving birth to a slightly blood filled silicone cup...

After a few attempts its *APPARENTLY* easy to remove. I do have very short fingers and there was a moment of panic where I felt like packing my bags, leaving the country and starting afresh...

Would highly recommend though ;)

What are your experiences with the reusable cup of uterus fluid? Let me know in the comments!

*UPDATE* I have now inserted the cup 4 times over the day (not because I needed to but because I'm sort of fascinated...) and removed it 3 times. With each Insertion and removal it gets easier. I can now insert in a matter of a minute or so, and can remove in a few minutes. Something else to note is the strange feeling you get when the cup pops open once in position. Not painful or uncomfortable just strange. Like a small air punch to the cervix. I am NEVER going back to pads or tampons. Period. :P

Enjoy ;)