Wednesday, 30 July 2014

Black tea hair rinse

So it's been 7 days since I last washed my hair (arghhhhhhhhh) I did a quick water only rinse out 2 days ago not because my hair felt gross but because of the high humidity I just needed to feel fresher. I want to go until hopefully Friday without doing a wash as I'm not really leaving the house much until then (reclusive or what) but today, like Monday, I really needed to feel water on my head. It's so hot!  

So I did a bit of googling and found that whole water only is great it's always good to follow with an acid rinse.
Let me explain, the definition of WASH when going no poo is using something that will cleanse your scalp and break down dirt. Something like Basking soda or rye flour or egg. An acid rinse acts as the conditioner so it's fine to use this early everyday if you wish to.

Back to today. Black tea, which is normal tea you drink brewed with without milk or sugar and left to steep for a while in the water is a great acid rinse to use as the caffeine can stimulate hair growth and also it can help to cover greys by staining them. I wouldn't recommend using black tea if you are blonde but there are other types of tea you can use such as peppermint.

So as with a normal wash you scrub your scalp with the hottest water you can stand then add the tea, I use a small spray bottle to spray on lengths and then just rub a small amount in to roots to freshen up.

Unfortunately, it isn't a cleansing wash so it isn't going to get rid of the sebum but it does help you go a few extra days without washing by making you feel fresher and it'd given me much more volume. I have had to kiss goodbye to a partening for the next few days though but I'm still wearing my hair down!

What do you use to wash or rinse your hair with? Let me know in comments!