Sunday, 20 July 2014

Balm Balm Detox Bath Oil

*Makes uncomfortable noises of pleasure* this is AMAZING. I am running off to buy a big bottle after receiving this product to review in a 5ml bottle. They retail at around £24.99 for 7 sample bottles oil and one bottle will last 2 baths... I know. But they are so worth it!

Since moving into our own place nearly a year ago I am extremely partial to having a relaxing bath when my toddler goes to bed and this stuff beats the rest. You hear that Mr Grump? This is what I want for Christmas!

You pour into the bath, and then slip in and relax into the warm oily goodness. It literally coats and clings to your skin, making it unnecessary to use any creams or lotions after.

It really does feel like I have just applied oil to my skin.

Seriously, go buy some! I am!